• Interdisciplinary Arts and Media, MFA

    America Salomon

    I'm a second-year MFA student in the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media program. More recently, my artistic practice has been informed by research and exploration of new media fields.

  • Creative Writing Nonfiction MFA

    Andrew Krzak

    I like to write and draw. I produce a radio show at a local station on the South Side. You can't pronounce my surname.

  • Colleen McCulla

    I’m a first year Interdisciplinary Book & Paper MFA student. In my recent body of work I’ve created and shared one handmade collage on social media every day since December of 2012.

  • Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling, MA

    Jessica Lochte

    I am a second-year in the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling MA program. I am originally from Germany and have been living in Chicago since July 2014.

  • Journalism, MA

    Nina Ruff

    I was born into a military family and raised mostly in Texas. I’m a washed up ex-athlete who writes decent poems from time to time. Most days, I can be found binge-watching 90s sitcoms in my moose-print onesie.

  • Creative Writing - Fiction MFA

    Sara Cutaia

    Hi, I'm Sara, a second year Fiction graduate student at Columbia College working on my collection of short stories that revolve around the theme of family bonds. I'm originally from Texas and I've lived in Chicago since Aug '15.

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