• Creative Writing Nonfiction MFA

    Andrew Krzak

    I like to write and draw. I produce a radio show at a local station on the South Side. You can't pronounce my surname.

  • European Devised Performance Practice

    Brittany Price Anderson

    I'm an MFA student in the new EDPP program, the first year of which takes place at LISPA in Berlin. I've been a theatre artist and producer in Chicago for the last 5 years. I love clown, tightwire, thrifting, and traveling!

  • Creative Writing Poetry, MFA

    Carlos Reyes

    I am a recent VONA alum and a first-year student in the Creative Writing–Poetry MFA program. Favorite pastimes involve traveling and trying new food.

  • Creative Producing, MFA

    Ese Obrimah

    I'm a Creative Producing MFA student from Lagos, Nigeria. I love storytelling, history and hour long dance sessions in my apartment.

  • Creative Writing


    Jamiece is a graduate student at Columbia acquiring her MFA in creative writing fiction. She currently resides in Logan Square seen often biking around town.

  • Masters of Arts Management

    Kelly Schmader

    Kelly Schmader is a lover of all things related to drag queens, makeup artistry, photography, and the visual arts. She grew up in Durham, North Carolina before attending Oberlin College in Ohio, and has lived in Chicago for 8 years.


    Kenneth Guthrie

    Kenneth Guthrie is a nationally exhibited artist and second year MFA Photography candidate who loves to snuggle his cat and dog.

  • Cinema Directing, MFA

    Süha Toraman

    I am a Cinema Directing MFA first year student. I'm from Turkey. Filmmaker, storyteller, lover of unique art pieces. I'm into people's stories.

  • Music Composition for the Screen, MFA

    Timothy King

    Second year Columbia College Chicago MFA student in Cinematic Composition. I love working on Films and original compositions. In my spare time I love Hiking and hanging out with my Wife and 2 dogs.

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