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About the Blog

Welcome to Marginalia, the graduate student blog at Columbia College Chicago.

Here you’ll find a realistic sense of what it’s like being a grad student at Columbia. There’s a little bit of everything on these pages: discussions concerning particular courses and what projects people are working on; reviews of events, performances and other happenings on campus; pictures and snippets from art openings and parties.

Columbia’s in the heart of Chicago so you’ll learn a lot about the city, too—where people go for food or entertainment, where people like to hang out and grab a drink with friends, what it’s like living in different neighborhoods or out in the suburbs. You’ll read about how students are connecting and collaborating with all the different professional and artistic communities in the city and beyond.

Marginalia isn’t here just to give you a dynamic picture of what it’s like living in Chicago as a Columbia graduate student, though. It should also inspire you to activate your own artistry and try the ideas and practices you read about here to ignite your own passions. Take these testimonials as permission to reach beyond your own limits and expectations, reach out to your community and actualize your potential as an artist and professional.

It’s our hope that Marginalia will inspire you to lay the groundwork for your own transformation, so once you join the Columbia College Chicago community as a graduate student you’ll confidently embrace the challenges that stimulate artists and professionals to grow in unexpected ways with staggering results.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?