Book Reviews

Timothy Parfitt reviews Rachel Z. Arndt’s book, Beyond Measure

  Beyond Measure Rachel Z. Arndt Sarabande, $15.95 190 pages   It might be fitting, given Beyond Measure’s subject matter, to critique it by ascribing a point value (ignoring for a moment that Punctuate. doesn’t employ a Pitchfork-style rating system). For Rachel Z. Arndt’s debut essay…

October 30, 2019

A. Poythress interviews writer & musician Gilmore Tanmy

HAIKU4U is the latest artistic vision from Massachusetts-based writer Gilmore Tamny. I had the privilege of interviewing Tamny herself about the process of writing HAIKU4U, a collection of over 200 haikus from Ohio Edit.  We spoke via email about nature, method, and vulgarity. This interview is…

July 3, 2019

Daniel Uncapher

Nancy Ave. After my parents got married they purchased a mobile home on a gravel road called Nancy Ave in southern Maine, where I met Zack, who showed me what circumcision was. My parents had always dreamed of becoming landlords, and when they’d finally…

May 28, 2019