Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory Artist in Residence Program

The Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance is pleased to introduce our Fall 2017 Artist in Residence program, funded by the Albert Pick Jr Fund. The program invites one Chicago-based artist to adopt our 14 acres of public indoor and outdoor gardens and private propagation greenhouses as a site for investigation, research and inspiration for new works. Artists of any medium whose practices are established within the realm of nature, science and/or conservation are invited to apply. The program provides a rare opportunity for an artist to enrich their practice through hands-on investigation of raw plant materials, growing practices and access to horticulturists and naturalists; and provides the artist with a public platform for sharing their work. Through a series of public presentations and a Spring 2018 exhibit, the artist’s work will provide a new perspective through which the public may connect to the Garfield Park Conservatory’s collection and programs.

Artist in Residence [AiRresources:

  • $5,000 stipend
  • Access to experts: The AiR will have the opportunity to connect with floriculturists, conservationists, naturalists, and other nature, science and growing professionals. This will provide an invaluable resource to an artist whose work relies on science and nature investigation.
  • Access to a living collection: As with access to experts, the AiR will have access to our public gardens and some access to propagation houses and natural materials for research and art making.
  • Access to nature education classes: The AiR will have the opportunity to take any adult education classes that are taught at the conservatory by GPCA and CPD staff during the course of their residency.
  • Public platform to share their work through public lectures, demos and/or workshops, as well as a culminating exhibition of their work.
  • Solo exhibition support and space: The culminating exhibition will be supported by a $10,000 stipend for fabrication and installation, which will afford the opportunity to bring new work to fruition, presented in a solo show at a large public institution.

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