How To Create a Career That You Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked five successful industry professionals the question “How do you create a career that you love?” Here are their responses on how to make a career loved and enjoyable.


Kari Sommers, Associate Dean of Student Life, Columbia College Chicago

“My advice is don’t do it. Don’t create a career you love; create a LIFE you love and remember that it can change at any time. Your career is bigger than a job or work, it’s about the humans you spend time with and the environment/circumstances/conditions of that work. Do you want to travel? Do you want to work remotely? Who are the people you connect with? Who are the people you want to learn from? How are you going to challenge yourself and reach for more? And… what are you reaching for?
And… never forget that an opportunity can come from anyone, anywhere, any time.  Don’t dismiss anyone. You don’t know who they know. Be kind, be humble, be HUNGRY to learn and do good work.” 

Alexis Beauford, Life’s Moments Photographer, A. Beauford Photography

“Think about thing(s) you do on a weekly or monthly basis that truly bring you joy. Now what about those things, hobbies or passions bring you joy? Is there a way that you can do that thing and make money from it? 9.9/10 the answer is yes! I  didn’t know when I started my business that it would be the career of my dreams, I just knew I loved expressing myself through photography and I loved being able to boost someone’s confidence by simply showing them who they are through my lens. 5 years later and that is exactly what I am doing and I love every bit of it. It didn’t always make sense, it wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t what I went to school for but all of my life experiences and my degrees make me that much better of a photographer and I couldn’t have got here without it all.”

Joshua Foster, Business Development Manager, EBONY

“How to create a career you love is by loving yourself enough to keep learning when no one is watching, not being afraid to take risks from asking for guidance to simply moving on to a better opportunity and remembering that you cannot pour from an empty cup. In the words of Lauryn Hill ‘how you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?’”

Darlene Jackson, MS, Creative Industry Liaison, Columbia College Chicago 

“Be inquisitive and learn as much as you can about anything that piques your curiosity. Find out what excites you. This can lead to self-discovery and is one surefire way to create a career you love. This is what works for me. I’m an international DJ, doing something I love for over 25 years and my brand is stronger than ever– my latest release has over 150K YouTube views.”

Miss Alex White, DoMORE Director of Memberships & Partnerships, Do312

“Persist, follow up, and network continually to achieve your vision.”