DYW Day 1: Skatepark/Hill Climb Screening

DYW Day 1: Skatepark/Hill Climb Screening

Lessons from Concrete Dreams and Hill Climb

As someone who likes to skate around Chicago, it was very interesting to see a film about skateboarding that visits local spots such as Burnham skate park along with Wilson.

Filmmaker Nick Nummerdor has a way of capturing peoples’ passion in what they do. From his Skatepark: Concrete Dreams documentary about a community organizer and a group of skaters coming together and making a skate park in the suburbs of Chicago to hundreds of people gathering to watch motorcyclist race up a hill in the documentary Hill Climb, Nummerdor tells us engaging stories of sports within specific communities.

To see people just enjoying their time and having fun reminded me that not all things in life should be complicated and one should just enjoy themselves to their fullest.

—Michael Chen