Docs in Progress

A non-profit organization which gives individuals the tools to tell stories through documentary film to educate, inspire, and transform the way people view their world. By developing, encouraging, and celebrating new and diverse voices in documentary film, DIP also seek to deepen the public’s experience, understanding, and appreciation for documentary as a form of art and expression.

Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association

Advocates for the Fulbright Program and promotes international education. The Chicago Chapter serves the Fulbright alumni as well as the international Fulbright Students and Scholars that come from over 155 countries worldwide.

Eleven04 Productions

A Chicago-based startup and film equipment rental house that services indie filmmakers and freelancers by offering a variety of professional quality cameras, lenses, lighting, support, and accessories.

Chicago Feminist Film Festival

Annual international festival that showcases independent, international film addressing issues of gender and sexuality and creating inclusive public spaces for under-represented artists to share their work — particularly women, people of color, queer, and transgender folks, given their struggle for visibility in the mainstream film industry.

POLS 211 Human Rights

A Columbia College Chicago political science course offered in the History and Social Sciences Department. By using examples from contemporary global events, the course provides students with a thorough background for understanding how the term ‘human rights’ can both support particular political agendas and also frame objective legal investigations.

Interdisciplinary Documentary BA Program

A Columbia College Chicago bachelor’s degree program that explores the diverse and innovative ways multimedia nonfiction storytellers collectively craft truth in story, image, text, and sound. As Interdisciplinary Documentary majors, students have the chance to create compelling nonfiction narratives in video, audio, journalism, and photography, including also new formats like AR/VR, 360 video, and interactive documentary.