DYW Day 1: Different Forms of Docs

DYW Day 1: Different Forms of Docs

Emily Railsback and David Berner share their approaches to storytelling

Emily Railsback

David Berner

One of the great things about the Interdisciplinary Documentary major at Columbia College Chicago is being able to take courses across the college in varying disciplines, gaining a wide range of knowledge from professors from the north to the sound end of campus.

Yesterday, DocYourWorld was able to hear from Cinema and Television Arts professor Emily Railsback and Radio professor David Berner.

Railsback shared her personal journey through finding her interests and her interdisciplinary set of skills including, but not limited to, photography, graphic design, and film.

Berner shared work samples from his students’ productions and a little more about the Radio program within the Communication Department at Columbia College Chicago, and how the stories and projects that come from the Radio Storytelling and Documentary classes are student driven.

Both were intellectually stimulating presentations on varying art forms.

—AnnaLee Ackermann