2019 DocYourWorld: Human + Nature

2019 DocYourWorld: Human + Nature

Third Annual DYW Festival?!

AFTER A HIATUS in 2018, the student-run Documentary Film Festival, DocYourWorld, is back with its most ambitious collection of screenings, panels, and showcases yet!

Columbia College Chicago is hosting this two-day long summit on April 29th through the 30th. The event kicks off at noon with a screening of The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams, a documentary series directed by Nick Nummerdor of Little Cabin Films. Nummerdor will be making an appearance and will follow up with a second screening of a different short form piece entitled Hill Climb.

The day follows suit with a Student Showcase, screening a collection of films created by members of the DocYourWorld team. After the Student Showcase, the event moves on to the Nature section with a panel of nature documentarians and photographers. Picking up steam, the event moves from the Nature panel to Chicago Activism, with a talk from Chicago’s most active social justice filmmakers to share their work and passion for activism. The event will also have a panel discussing Different Mediums of Documentaries, a panel that emphasizing the versatility of documentary. The final panel that is presenting at DocYourWorld is the Faculty-Student Collaboration showcase with Ruth Leitman (Lady Parts Justice) and Michele Hoffman-Trotter (Microcosm). The two Columbia faculty will be sharing their most current projects and talk about their experiences so far.

A reception catered by Oasis Cafe will transition the main event of DocYourWorld 2019: A Screening of Won’t You Be My Neighbor with keynote speaker, Caryn Capotosto, ’99 Columbia College Chicago alumna and the film’s producer.

Day 2 of DocYourWorld 2019 starts with a Docs in Progress showcase from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Another reception from 6:00pm to 7:00pm will prepare guests for the event closer, a Documentary Slapdown of Cowspiracy. The screening will be followed by a debate, refereed by Michael Caplan. A controversial film about veganism that will expose a lot of beef. “Come for the film, stay for the fight”.

DocYourWorld 2019 is projected to be the biggest one yet. An ambitious comeback to put this once annual documentary summit back on Chicago’s radar.

—Roland Fanega