Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects

Learn more about the works of Students and Faculty

DAY 1: April 29th

1:10pm: Student Showcase is a screening of student work from the DocYourWorld class—yes, the students who made this event happen! We will be screen five of our very own films ranging from topics about identity, K-Pop culture, and human interaction. We can’t wait for you to see!

2:10PM: Eric Koppen is a Columbia College Chicago professor who will be speaking on behalf of our Nature Panel. He produces, shoots and edits shot films for non-profit organization such as charities, conservation groups, researches and NGOs.

3:10pm: Margaret Byrne is a Columbia College Chicago professor and mentor for Kartemquin’s Diverse Voices in Docs who will be speaking on behalf of our Chicago Activism Panel. She will will be talking about her most recent feature-length documentary Raising Bertie– a film that delivers an authentic and tender portrait of the lives of three young boys as the face a precarious coming of age pithing Bertie County, a rural African-American community in N north Carolina.

5pm: Lady Parts Justice is human rights road series with a diverse cast and focus on intersectional feminism. Produced, written and directed by Ruth Leitman, this film will be talked about in our Student & Faculty Collaboration panel along with Microcosm by Michele Hoffman-Trotter.

—Marissa Duignan