Career Talk with The Mill Animation, Visual Effects, and Experiential Design Studio

Closing out the myriad of events as part of Manifest Rises 2020, the Career Center hosted VFX, Animation and Experiential Design powerhouse, The Mill to connect with students with interest and who are studying Interactive and Cinema and Television Arts.

The Mill’s Operations and Talent Manager, Colette Murray and Creative Director/VFX Supervisor, Udesh Chetty took students thru a range of projects and case studies showcasing character animation, design, and techniques across a range of clients and brands including Samsung, EA Sports, and Dairy Queen.

A timely event organized to motivate and inspire students during the Covid-19 pandemic, questions and topics covered the current state of the industry, how the industry has changed the dynamic for collaboration, portfolio and interviewing tips, inclusion of LGBTQ artists and individuals, and the opportunities for pursuing a career path thru advertising and commercial studios.

View the video recap here.