Following Through After a Job Interview

By Hinda Akel, Marketing and Communications Student Assistant

Setting Up the Follow Up Email:

You just finished a great interview! Now what’s next? Keeping a good connection with an employer starts with a simple “thank you!” That will not only leave a lasting impression, but will show your appreciation for the job! It’s important to include the date of your interview in the subject line. When setting up this email divide each paragraph within 2-3 sentences max. This keeps the email short and to-the-point. Be sure to have it well-spaced too. Also, it is important to proofread everything before you send out your email.

Reiterate the Job Title:

Specify the exact job title you were interviewed for. Be genuine let them know you are excited and looking forward to what is yet to come. The employer will then see what this position means to you. That could possibly increase the chances of them looking back at your resume and evaluating your interview. It is important to proofread everything before you send out your email.

No Reply, No Problem:

If you have not been given a time/date for when the employer will contact you then wait five business days to send a follow-up. If the reply is them notifying you that it is still pending with a final answer, create an innovative response to keep the conversation afloat. Show you care, because you do. Keep the email simple and straightforward showing how much you are interested in the position.

Patience is Key:

There may be cases where you have not received an email back at all. BE PATIENT…there may be a possibility where whoever is making a final decision is either extremely busy or on vacation. The suggested time to wait is a full week. There is no need to add another follow up email, because the decision may be taking long. Take this advice and you are one step closer to landing the job!