C-K create is calling all makers, creators and hustlers

You’re this close to getting your foot in the door at one of the country’s leading independent advertising agencies. As a C-K Creator, you’ll be immersed in brands like Corona, BIC, Porsche, Edward Jones, Cedar Fair and more. But beyond that, you’ll also be on the hook for creating and executing nimble social ideas that will spark conversations and impact the world. All in 10 weeks.

Here’s where we’re hiring:
– mining culture and society to create strategic insights
– developing business objectives, sales goals and marketing plans
– coming up with ideas, nurturing them and bringing them to life.
– staying on top of media trends, developing media strategies and plans.
– creating buzz for a brand via social engagement
– thoughtfully analyzing and then using key Internet search terms to increase the reach of a brand’s communications
– examining raw data patterns and transforming them into consumer insights
– enhancing user satisfaction, not just related to digital, by improving usability, accessibility and the overall customer experience
– video editing for agency, client and new business needs

C-K Create doesn’t want just anyone. We’re looking for the best, most creative, most diverse thinkers in the country. But to become one of us, you’re going to need to show us more than just your resume.

More info on this internship HERE.

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