PIPERPICK provides users with free local services every month, distributed through the free PIPERPICK app, with each service handpicked for each user. Every month, users receive a digital PIPERPICK featuring free local services. These services are distributed based on a proprietary profiling algorithm, so users are qualified to love the services in their PIPERPICK!

Goal of internship: The end result of this project will be a website that will be a public face of the company as well as serve as a web interface for merchants. As well as design a user-friendly and sleek mobile app interface for our users.

Why Intern With PIPERPICK:
Interns will experience a highly intensive three month program gaining real client side experience for a company offering breakthrough technology, solving an untapped market need, and building a nationwide app and web network. The experience gained in this program will unleash incomparable interview speaking points, further technical experiential hours, and unleash technical and professional talent.

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