HOT JOB: Teach English at NCEPU (Baoding, China) The 21st Century Institute

Job Description:
Organization: North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) (Baoding Campus)
Position: English Language Teacher Vacancies: Six
Period of Service: Late August,2015 to early July,2016

in cash: 55,000-65,000 RMB per academic year (5,500-6,500 RMB per month, ten months per academic year. Note: About 20-50 RMB income tax per month included; Exchange rate: 1 USD≈ 6.11 RMB);
Travel allowance in cash: 5,500-6,500 RMB per academic year;
Lunch subsidy in cash: 1,000 RMB per academic year (will be deposited into foreign teacher’s dinning card);
Taxi subsidy in cash: 600 RMB per academic year;
Gas subsidy in cash: 400 RMB per academic year;
One-time subsidy for purchasing basic tableware: 500 RMB;
Overweight luggage allowance: 1,000 RMB per academic year;
Medical insurance (accident insurance included): around 1,700 RMB per year;
On-campus well-furnished apartment (including utilities fees:water, electricity and internet): valued at 18,000 RMB per year;
Additional Perks: Two tours surrounding Baoding per academic year for foreign teachers to experience Chinese culture, at least one for each semester. (Travel expense covered by NCEPU: about 1,000 RMB for every foreign teacher per academic year)
Total Income (income tax included) offered by NCEPU: about 84,700-95,700 RMB (including income tax: about 200-500 RMB) (converted into dollars: about 13,863-15,663 USD including
income tax: about 30-80 USD) per academic year. Please see the details as above.

Start Date of Service: Late August Duration of Service: No less than one academic year is preferable
Courses: English language (listening, writing,speaking, literature, etc.) and culture Workload: No more than 16 class hours per week
Size of a Class: No more than 45 students
International airfare and domestic transportation: NCEPU will provide a round-trip international airfare and domestic transportation for the
foreign teacher having a one-academic-year contract.
Arrival Support: Picking up from the airport in Beijing, China.
Accommodation:On-campus apartment well-furnished with washing machine, TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning, telephone, computer, internet, kitchenware and so forth.

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