Acoustics Students’ Recent Awards and Graduate School / Industry Placements – ASA’s Book Donation

Students of our BS in Acoustics program continue to earn honors and make their impactful mark on our academic and professional communities. We could not be prouder of them! See just below for some recent highlights that inspire all of us (faculty and students) to always strive to be our best!

Acoustics senior, Christopher Kezon (2015), was awarded the 2015 Leo Beranek Student Medal for Excellence in the Study of Noise Control by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, USA (INCE/USA). Chris received his award for excelling in the Acoustics program, demonstrating high potential for contributions in the fields of Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control, and completing outstanding work on his senior-level Acoustics project. The latter was dedicated to the Acoustical Analysis of St. Stephen’s Church, which occupies a space with rather poor acoustics. Chris performed an in-depth acoustical analysis of the worship space, including acoustical testing and modelling to document existing conditions, and concluding with recommendations on ways to improve the space’s acoustical behavior and noise control. Chris has now accepted a position as an acoustical/audio consultant with SHAcoustics and will be re-locating to their Los Angeles office soon after graduation!

Acoustics senior, Cody Elston (2015), was the 2015 winner of the Acoustical Society of America’s Royster Competition, recognizing work on Hearing Conservation or Noise Control by full-time graduate students enrolled in a program involving acoustics, or senior undergraduate students expecting to enroll in such a program. Cody’s entry, “Effects of Varying Rates of Speech on Comprehension and Memorization for Young Adults” was presented during this year’s competition, held at the Audio Arts & Acoustics facilities for Manifest 2015, and won the recognition over four additional entries (one from University of Nebraska, Lincoln; one from University of Illinois, Chicago; and two additional entries by AA&A Acoustics BS seniors). Cody will be commencing his graduate studies this fall, as a member of the AuD Program at Rush University, Chicago.

Acoustics senior, Andrew Hulva (2015), was awarded the 2015 Robert Bradford Newman Medal in Architectural Acoustics by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), joining the ranks of a very select group of primarily graduate students from throughout the world who, since 1986, have been awarded this honor, and continuing a glowing tradition at these awards by the BS in Acoustics program. Andrew was awarded the medal for his outstanding work on the project “Normal Operation Listening Level of Personal Listening Devices and Resultant Risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.” He will be commencing his graduate studies this fall, as a member of the M.S. in Architecture program at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA.
Acoustics graduate, Jay Bliefnick (2014), won the Robert Bradford Newman Medal in 2014 for his outstanding work on the project, “The Development and Analysis of a Large Variable Acoustics Space,” presented at the 167th ASA meeting, 4/2014. Jay has now joined the doctoral program in Architectural Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln!
It is worth noting that two past students of our Acoustics program, Ryan Cranfill and Kevin Quinn, have also won this award in 2012, as has our very own Assistant Professor Lauren Ronsse, Ph.D., who received the award, as an undergraduate student, in 2005.

The following graduates have recently assumed positions within the academic and professional communities in Acoustics, spreading the BS in Acoustics program’s reputation and legacy throughout the US and beyond! Our sincere congratulations to all of you!

Karim Bahri (2013), Acoustician at ORFEA Acoustique, Paris, France

Graham Everhart (2013). Acoustical Consultant at Metropolitan Acoustics, Philadelphia

Anton Filyayev (2013), M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati

Christopher Hulik (2013), Acoustical Scientist at ARCADIS U.S., Los Angeles

Sarah Kaddatz (2013), Acoustical Consultant at Wilson Ihrig & Associates, San Francisco

Chester Raney (2013), Acoustical Consultant at Newson Brown Acoustics, Los Angeles

Matthew Sharp (2013), Acoustic Scientist at Parsons, Pasedena

Tim Sweeney (2013), Resident Engineer at GMNA Premium Sound Solutions, Detroit

Mike Capello (2014), Acoustical Consultant & Technician at Audio High LA, Los Angeles

Javier Forero (2014), Supply Chain Analyst at Groupon, Chicago

Michael Hansen (2014), Lab Technician at NWAA Labs, Olympia, WA

Thomas Kallaher (2014), Lab Technician at Sensaphonics, Chicago

Hannah Knorr (2014), Acoustical Engineer at Phoenix Noise and Vibration, Fredrick, MD

Chris Nottoli (2014), Acoustician at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, Chicago

Nathan Sibon (2014), Staff Consultant at Papadimos Group, San Francisco

Erica Hoffman (2015), M.S. in Architectural Acoustics at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Hayden Jubera (2015), Surface Transportation Consultant at HMMH, Burlington, MA

Samuel Shroyer (2015), Acoustical Intern at Acoustics by Design, Grand Rapids, MI


Finally, in recognition of our BS in Acoustics Program’s quality and thanks to the coordination efforts of Assistant Professor Dr. Lauren Ronsse, the AA&A department has received a donation of 600 new books by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) for distribution to students currently enrolled in the program. They consist of multiple copies of 12 highly regarded books in Architectural Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics, and Hearing Sciences and will be gifted as prizes to Acoustics majors based on merit. These books are found in the library resources of acoustics firms worldwide, and they will prove highly valuable to our majors now and in their future careers.
We are grateful to count ASA as our Educational Partner!

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