AA&A In the News!

The Audio Arts & Acoustics Department was featured by Mix Magazine twice in the past several months: a) for its innovative curriculum, b) for its long history of placing graduates in a wide variety of audio professions (page 42).

Frank Waln, Audio Arts and Acoustics alumnus and Native American rap and hip-hop artist, has captured our community’s imagination with his activism and socially conscious work.
_ City Biz List profiled Frank for his performance “Modern Native Voices: The Medium of Hip Hop” at the Penn Museum.
_ The Lincoln Journal Star featured Frank’s recent speech at Lincoln High School in Nebraska, where he encouraged all of the upcoming graduates “to find something you love and do it no matter what.”
_ Frank also had the opportunity to discuss his culture and the effect genocide has had on indigenous people and his music at WBEZ-FM – Vocalo, as well as present native American rap as, currently, the “most authentic rap,” for the Music.Mic blog.
_ Most recently, Frank discussed growing up on the Rosebud Sioux reservation and how it influenced his art for the Hartford Courant.

Audio Arts & Acoustics alumnus Steve Firak and Cinema Art + Science alumnus John Firak are featured in the Kane County Chronicle for creating a documentary on world-renowned Dick Tracy comic strip creator Chester Gould.  –

Audio Arts & Acoustics alumnus, Ruben Rosario, reviewed Antonio Tublén’s second feature film, LFO, for FilmMonthly.

Audio Arts & Acoustics alumnus René “Gossip Structure” Valdiviezo discusses his musical influences as one of the featured RedEye’s Rock ‘n’ Vote 2015 finalists.

The Chicago Reader recently featured the Numero Group and AA&A Adjunct Faculty, Michael Slaboch for their work on producing, editing, and mastering a 16CD box set “Scharpling & Wurster / Best Show.”

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