Acoustics senior, Chris Nottoli (BS in Acoustics, 2014) gets hired by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories

Date: 3/7/2014

Chris Nottoli, senior student in the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department, is celebrating his upcoming graduation from the BS in Acoustics program three months early! A few short weeks ago he was hired as an Acoustician by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, a division of Alion Science and Technology Corp. and a worldwide recognized source of valid acoustical data in numerous commercial, civilian and military specifications.  Since mid-February, Chris has been writing lab reports on Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings and on material absorption for a variety of clients. Additionally, he has begun work on testing reference sound sources, an area he anticipates will become one of his specialties. Acoustical field-testing is also on the horizon, where Chris will be examining transmission loss of doors, partitions, and other building materials at off-site locations around the nation.

This professional success has been preceded and supported by consistent academic successes, placing Chris on the Columbia College Chicago’s Dean’s list for seven consecutive semesters. His senior research study—“An analysis of Chicago Transit Authority’s Redline Railcars”— produced quantitative data that demonstrate the noise reduction extent of recent CTA renovations. Chris’s study also revealed a possible disconnect between traditional methods of objective noise measurement and subjective noise ratings. Results will be presented during Columbia College Chicago’s Manifest 2014May 16, 2014 and at future relevant academic conferences.

Congratulations Chris! We proudly celebrate with you!

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