Announcing the Winners of the Young Authors Writing Competition 2023

Congratulations to our first, second, and third place winners of the Young Authors Writing Competition 2023!

A note from one of our faculty judges regarding all the incredible submissions we received this year:

All in all, these high school writers, already writing on a college level of skill, clarity, and sustained voice, wrote exceptional pieces. Any one of them could pull up a chair in one of my classes and easily hold their own.”



 Claire Beelie places first for the piece, “Saint Antonia.” 

 Cathleen Balid places second for the piece, “Every Autumn.” 

 Tess Harris places third for the piece, “Is Bliss.



Jaqueline Vogel places first for the piece, “No Remedy for Regret.”

Tara Prakesh places second for the piece,  “Revolutions.”

Ashley Ortiz places third for the piece “Outsider.”



Hans Yang places first for the poem,”Hivemind.”

Gary Liu places second for the poem, “Anaphora as Red Machinery.”

Ava Chen places third for the poem, “How to Visit a Country.”


Thank you to all of the young authors sharing their voices on the page; keep writing!