Congratulations to all the winners of the Young Authors Writing Competition. We’ve received thousands of submissions from all over the world, and are thrilled to recognize these rising talents. Read some of the selections below!


2021 Young Authors Winners



First place: “Ghazal for K” by Jessica Kim

Second place: “Reincarnation” by Anjali Pajjuri

Third place: “Life Raft/Casket” by Angela Wei



First place: “Green Gables” by Erin Kim

Second place: “Love of my Life” by Romola Cavet

Third place: “The Boy with the Red Bicycle” by Ashley Theilacker



First place: “Sticky Notes on the Lennon Wall” by Faith Tsang

Second place: “NeveRland” by Robert Socas

Third place: “Thirteen” by Sabrina Huang



2020 Young Authors Winners


First place: “El Tercer Oído (The Third Ear)” by Sofia Angulo-Lopera

Second place: “Firing Clay” by Jenny Oh

Third place: “Three Poems” by Annie Cao



First place: “Valley of Saints” by Yasmeen Khan

Second place: “One Child” by Hannah Han

Third place: “New Year” by Alexis Yang



First place: “Under the Same Sun” by Hannah Ahdab

Second place: “Turmeric Stains” by Priyanka Shrestha

Third place: “We Do Not Apologize Now” by Jordan Ferdman



2019 Young Authors Winners


First place: “Heritage” by Jonathan Chen

Second place: “Charlie” by Remi Seamon

Third place: “I’m Thinking About You” by Sarah Brownlee



First place: “Flesh” by Grace Wang

Second place: “The Lost History of You” by Jeffrey Liao

Third place: “New Tongue” by Nazanin Soghrati



First place: “Impressions on Hair” by Emily Tian

Second place: “Eat Bitter Sweet” by Kate Li

Third place: “FOMO” by Taylor Fang


2018 Young Authors Winners


First place: “Self Portrait as Carolina” by Aidan Forster

Second place: “sunlight through the honey jar” by Savannah Bradley

Third place: “5 a.m. by the railroad tracks” by Linda Ye



First place: “My Goddamn Pink House” by Kaya Dierks

Second place: “To Let out the Sun” by Kaylee Jeong

Third place: “Zelda” by Abigail Coulter



First place: “Instructions for Suburban Boy Love” by Aidan Forster

Second place: “of honey and spice” by Arushi Avachat

Third place: “Talk to Me” by Ingrid Ren


2017 Young Authors Winners


1st. Heather Yenna Kim, “Every Place Is Empty until We Leave It”
2nd. Farah Ghafoor, “Home, Oven”
3rd. Masfi Khan, “Heirloom”



1st: Jacqueline He, “House of God”
2nd: Ella Lerner, “Magic”
3rdMichelle Chen, “The Semester of Fading”



1st: Rachel Litchman, “Reflections on Trauma over an X-axis”
2nd: Joonho Jo, “A Blind Model”
3rd: Kathryn Hargett, “Misfire”


2016 Young Authors Winners


1st. Jessica Li, “Wood”
2nd. Kateri David, “Song for Drowned Streets”
3rd. Devanshi Khetarpal, “Lullaby”



1st: Lily Zhou, “Beijing, Beijing”
2nd: Marwah Shuaib, “Desert Girl”
3rd: Madison Dorsey, “The Art of Gardening”



1st: Yasmine Sajid, “Six and Sixty”
2nd: Alayna Pruitt, “Defining Water”
3rd: Ruohan Miao, “Hunger”


2015 Young Authors Winners


1st. Ariana Zhao, Untitled
2nd. Sophya Giudici-Juarez, “The Land of the Forgotten”
3rd. Cypress Oliphant, “Lizard”



1st: Oriana Tang, “Lara”
2nd: Andriane Tharp,The Valiant Hibernation of Cameron Milksop”
3rd: Jordyn McMillin, “Dolly”



1st: Meilan Steimle, “Differentiating Equations”
2nd: Siqi Liu, “Reflect and Make Level”
3rd: Emma Kane, “The Machine”


2014 Young Authors Winners


1st: “Mahlab” by Talin Tahajian
2nd: “Romances” by Steven Adams
3rd: “Wisdom” by Catherine Valdez



1st: “This is What I Know” by Michal Leibowitz
2nd: “
Premonition” by Christina Qiu
3rd: “
At the Hands of Jezebel” by Adriane Tharp



1st: “Moro Reflex” by Adriane Tharp
2nd: “Lychee” by Oriana Tang
3rd: “It All Comes Down to This” by Charlotte Lee