Announcing the 2023 Young Authors Top Ten Finalists

It is with great joy and in awe of all the brilliant submissions we received that we now announce our top ten finalists in each portion of the 2023 Young Authors Writing Competition.


Claire Chen: “All That is Foreign”

Cathleen Balid: “Every Autumn”

Tess Harris: “Is Bliss”

Coral Hodges: Castor

Ashley Hong: “My Mandu Lips”

Tanmay Kulkarni: “Evergreen Roots”

Sandra Lin: “Season of Rain”

David Rhee: “Fall From Grace”

Molly Thacker: “Processing’

Claire Beeli: “Saint Antonia”



Stuti Desai: “Re-creation”

Jessica Bakar: “Chapter 2”

Fiona Jin: “Tuesday”

Gary Liu : “Anaphora as Red Machinery

Sandra Lin: “In Which I hide From A Potential Kidnapper”

Maeve Wood: “I Found You on Pluto’s Moon”

Hans Yang: “Hivemind”

Ave Goorbarry: “Mandolin”

Selina Decarlo: “Haeundae Consolation”

Ava Chen: “How to visit a Country You Never Knew and Don’t Remember”



Jessica Bakar: “Perfect Story”

Ava Chen: “Stars”

Angel Hu: “To Have a Voice”

Ruby Harris: “Strangers in our Scrapbook”

Nico Nasse : “Journey to Manhood”

Ashley Ortiz: “Outsider”

Tara Parekh: “Revolutions”

Gina Yang: “Unfading Memories”

Jacqueline Vogel: “No Remedy for Regret”

Sophia Zhang: “Ungrieved”


Congratulations to our top ten finalists, and thank you to all the young writers who submitted their art to our competition. Stay on the look out for our top three winners announcement next!