From Farmlandia & Down State

May 4, 2016


The Midwestern farmlands of Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa are vast spaces. The land, ground flat by glaciers, allows one to gaze for miles and miles just a few feet above the ground. People and homes are separated by great distances, both physical and emotional I have been investigating these farmscapes in the winter, with their crops gone, the soil bared, and with a ceiling of sullen cloud-drift above.

Schneberger-014                    Schneberger-016

  Down State

These photographs were made in the small towns that sit between the vast farmscapes in the glacial plains of Illinois. These towns are small and often appear to be arrested in time, and yet they are the villages where the farming communities come together; semi-urban centers. Seen at night and through fog, the cloudy glow of streetlights mingles with the deep shadows, orbs of energy in the dark expanse.

Schneberger-002                            Schneberger-006

Christopher Schneberger’s photography has been exhibited nationally and internationally including The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and the Annenberg Space for Photography, both in Los Angeles; Dorsky Projects in New York; Geocarto International in Hong Kong; and Printworks Gallery in Chicago where he is represented. He is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College Chicago and the College of DuPage.

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