I survived this semester

I survived this semester

Thankful, courtesy of "http://www.konnectafrica.net/"

Thankful, courtesy of “http://www.konnectafrica.net/”

I am feeling so incredibly THANKFUL these days. So many big projects have been underway this semester, and I have to say at times I couldn’t quite tell if I was swimming or sinking along the way. Looking back, I now realize how wonderfully everything truly came together. However, I have to admit that this was the most difficult semester I have experienced yet. With this in mind, I am feeling determined to see the bright side of how this semester really panned out, reflecting back on what I am grateful for.

1. I finally decided on a thesis topic, and a research question I could get on board with.

After almost a year of compiling all my thoughts and ideas about changing the world with a ground-breaking thesis topic….I finally chose (a realistic) one that I felt passionate about. This was a very huge deal for me, and I feel comfort in the fact that I finally chose the path I will be going down for the next year or so.

Thesis topics courtesy of "http://www.underconsideration.com"

Thesis topics courtesy of “http://www.underconsideration.com”

2. I wrote a daunting thesis proposal, and it actually got approved.

It was long, tedious, annoying, and I’m STILL completing revisions for it—but I have officially taken the biggest first step in this process; making my ideas a reality. I can now finally begin my study. HOORAH!

Seal of Approval courtesy of "http://achieverfitness.com"

Seal of Approval courtesy of “http://achieverfitness.com”

3. I started my internship and I am somehow surviving.

Not only surviving—but THRIVING. I love who I am within my clinical site. I have already learned so much about myself and also my dance/movement therapy practice. My clients are wonderful, and they provide me with the most amazing challenges every day. I have no idea how I am being successful with my internship hours on top of school…but somehow I am making it work.

Senior citizen exercise courtesy of "http://www.xiangguoslim.com"

Senior citizen exercise courtesy of “http://www.xiangguoslim.com”

4. I produced a dance concert, and it was a SUCCESS.

Being the president of MOVED definitely has its ups and downs. Like any student organization, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes for big projects to run smoothly. Producing a dance concert (or any show for that matter) is probably one of the most daunting projects to take on. Luckily I had the support of my executive board to help along the way, and ensure that everything went according to plan. The concert really was spectacular, and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who was involved!

MOVED Concert 2014

5. I had the opportunity to go to the ADTA conference this year, and it was so inspiring!

It was wonderfully convenient that Chicago hosted the American Dance Therapy Association conference this year. I experienced so many inspiring seminars, surrounded by some of the greats within the dance/movement therapy field. I witnessed some wonderful dancing, and even had the chance to dress up and shake it on the dance floor with some of my cohort and faculty. It was truly the fuel I needed to keep going mid-semester.

ADTA courtesy of "adta.org"

ADTA courtesy of “adta.org”

6. I somehow managed to maintain my most important interpersonal relationships.

Even with the busiest schedule I’ve ever had, I still kept the conversation going with my closest family and friends. It was very difficult at times to find moments for phone calls or skype chats.  However, when I finally found snippets of time, I cherished it. I was even able to make it home a couple times, while also hosting a few guests for several weekends. It’s always so wonderfully recharging to be around those we love when we are feeling down, and/or stressed. I am so thankful that those in my life who truly care about me have been so incredibly understanding about my busy schedule. They are always so supportive!

Support System

Support System

7. I didn’t have a mental breakdown.

I can’t say that I never came close, but I really did stay the course, and I made it through this semester alive. I made the effort to take care of myself, and practiced self-care as much as I possibly could. I kept a tight schedule for myself, and I actually stuck to it. I gave up on a lot of fun activities, but when I needed to blow off some steam—I made sure I gave myself the opportunity to enjoy life and still have FUN.

Nervous Breakdown, courtesy of "http://cdnpix.com"

Nervous Breakdown, courtesy of “http://cdnpix.com”

All in all, it was a tough and extremely rewarding semester. I really feel like I climbed the mountain peak, and now I am seeing the world from a whole new perspective. I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side!