Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago Alum Unveils New Work ‘EAMES’ at ODC in San Francisco Jan. 25-27

“EAMES” (Photo: George E. Baker)

Kristin Damrow & Company, a troupe founded and led by Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago alumna Kristin Damrow ’09, launches the new year with a new production: EAMES, a contemporary dance work inspired by the life and iconic designs of Ray and Charles Eames. Choreographed by Damrow, a graduate of the Dance Center’s BA Program in Dance, EAMES will run January 25-27 at ODC/Dance in San Francisco.

Kristin Damrow

Ray Eames (1912-1988), a painter, and her husband Charles (1907-1978), an architect, revolutionized the field of furniture design in the 1950s. Best known for their iconic Eames Lounge Chair, the couple had a strongly collaborative design process that defied conventional practice in their time. Explains Damrow: “I became most interested in the lesser-known Eames story — the one about their relationship as husband and wife, and as collaborative business partners. . . . Ray’s struggle and courage helped pave the way for women designers and artists [to be] acknowledged for their work. This project has brought me into exciting new territory as a choreographer, testing my chops with more of a narrative story than . . . the abstract work I have done in the past.” In EAMES, five dancers—one male, four female—will explore the gender and artistic dynamics between the two creative geniuses, whose love and shared devotion to design resonates to this day.

ODC Theatre is located at 3153 17th St. in San Francisco. For tickets, call 415-863-6606 or click here.

“EAMES” (Photo: George E. Baker)