Whether you’re a portfolio beginner or pro, Portfolium is a way to professionally show samples of your work

Just in time for spring, the Career Center is launching Portfolium— a new tool that has helped college students across the nation get career-ready. Portfolium is an online network of searchable digital portfolios for students, educators, and employers.

Portfolium lets students post projects and tag students who they have collaborated with. It also allows students to show class projects and feature relevant coursework.

What makes Portfolium different from other eportfolios is the way in which it organizes and contextualizes your projects. Portfolium has a skills-based portfolio option that encourages you to post your best work and break down the elements and skills you used to create it. The best part of all? You won’t have to sacrifice putting what sometimes feels like a random piece in your portfolio. The more diverse your body of uploaded work, the more evidence you’ll have to support the skills learned from the project.

You can even share works in progress, which will indicate to employers and collaborators that you value creating new work.

Portfolium is free for students and alumni. You can take it with you after you graduate, but don’t wait to join. It’s much harder and overwhelming to try to get a hold of those projects after you graduate.

Learn more about Portfolium, find tips, and get started building your portfolio here!

What is Portfolium?