Working Wednesday: Vinh Tran ’13

We caught up with advertising alumni Vinh Tran for our latest Working Wednesday post. During his time as a student, Vinh was introduced to the One Club Creative Book Camp by faculty member Peg Murphy.   That involvement helped propel his career to his current position as an Art Director at Burrell Communications in Chicago.

How did an internship or on-campus job help prepare you for your 1st job after graduation? 

My professors at Columbia pushed me relentlessly to get myself out there and meet working professionals (often with their introduction) in the industry. Then one year, I won the One Club Creative Boot Camp – which still happens annually at Columbia – and started my building network immediately. I landed a creative internship at Leo Burnett and it’s been off to the races.

How did you find your position at your agency/employer?

An Account Executive buddy of mine helped me meet with the CCO of Burrell Communications.

Cut to me crushing that interview.

Cut to me getting a full-time AD gig at a legendary multicultural agency. And now, Lewis Williams is my homie. What are the chances?


What advice do you have for senior students?

Do the most.

All the time.

Work hard.

Meet everyone.

Improve constantly.

Pray for good luck.

All the above.  Nobody will stick their neck out for you unless they know you aren’t going to screw it up. The game is simultaneously 100% skills/chops/hustle and connections/friends/network. Good luck.


Thanks Vinh!  We wish you all the best!