Columbia Scholastic Press awards 8 Columbia College Chicago Students for their Work

2017 – Awards For Student Work Gold Circle Awards – Collegiate Recipients

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announced the winners from its 34th Gold Circle Awards program. This year, these categories attracted 4,166 yearbook and digital media entries, as well as 7,093 print news and magazines entries. These entries come from publications produced by students at colleges, universities, and secondary schools through the United States and abroad who follow the American education plan.

Columbia students were awarded in the following categories:

  • Photography: Portfolio of work
  • Cover design for General or Feature Magazine
  • Non Fiction Article:
    • Taylor Scheibe, “Invisible Wounds: PTSD Overshadows Another Casualty of War: Moral Injury,” Echo magazine
  • Experimental Fiction:
    • Giovannie Perry, “Celebrity Is,” Hair Trigger Magazine
    • Luka O’Hara, “I am a Bird,” Hair Trigger Magazine
  • Traditional Fiction: 
    • Audrey Tan, “Spaceship,” Hair Trigger Magazine
    • Alexis Pride, “The Six Stages of a Romantic Mindfuck,” Hair Trigger Magazine
    • Alexis Pride, “What Becomes of the Trained,” Hair Trigger Magazine
    • Alexis Pride, “Backstroke,” Hair Trigger Magazine
    • Alexis Pride, “Kiss Off,” Hair Trigger Magazine
    • Alexis Pride, “The Boy,” Hair Trigger Magazine