Upcoming Events in the Career Center

Don’t miss these events in the Career Center this week 9/18-9/22/17

😁 9/20 Making the Most of Handshake 11am-1pm

Join us for an interactive, hands-on session on how to make the most of Handshake—your tool for finding internships, jobs, events, and connecting to resources and staff in the Career Center. On your way out, make sure to stop by for some snacks, and try out our GIF maker station.

😁 9/21 How to Reduce Career Anxiety

No matter where you are on your career path, the stress and anxiety of knowing what you want, and where you’re going is intense. This workshop arms you with tips to dramatically change how you approach your career journey, how to overcome roadblocks, and identifying unhelpful thoughts that lead to anxiety.

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