Columbia College Television Department PHANTOM Internship Program

PHATHOM Job Description:

Mission Statement: To create content that helps people to explore new ways of thinking.
Body of Work: PHATHOM is a content portal created by FLUID CONTENT, the Emmy Award Winning Global Production Company responsible for the Budweiser Whassup campaign. They have also received an Emmy nomination for the HBO Peace Live It or Rest In It short film campaign. The company produced Emmy Award winning writing on LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow, and has produced work for Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Burger King, Procter & Gamble, Chase Bank, Kraft Foods, Toyota and Ford; among others.

What you’ll do:

Real work! You will work with our team in all aspects of crafting insightful, engaging experiences for all screens.

Teams you might join:
● Writers
● Social Media Writers
● Casting
● Production
● Post Production/Graphics/Editorial
● Wardrobe
● Marketing

More info HERE.

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