Internships: PAID monthly salary Governor’s Environmental Corps with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

College Students (You must have completed your sophomore year prior to the start of the summer program and must be currently enrolled in full-time undergraduate/ graduate program.)

Governor’s Environmental Corps

June 1-July 29, 2016
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Springfield Headquarters Only

WHY: To promote environmental awareness and environmental education and to provide a comprehensive knowledge of issues and careers in the environmental field.


The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) is sponsoring the 25th annual Governor’s Environmental Corps (GEC) summer internship program, which will continue to be privately funded by Illinois corporations. We are searching for students with backgrounds in biological sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, engineering, environmental education and law, who are looking for a unique and comprehensive summer internship experience. During the course of the internship, approximately twenty (20) participants will work in specific areas of the Illinois EPA such as: Air, Land, Water Pollution Control, Public Water Supplies, Laboratories, Legal Counsel or assistance programs.

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