Radio Alumnus Gil Peters hires Film & Video Alumnae Melissa Argenzio

This is not a note about my success, but rather my experience with hiring someone from your site [TALENT POOL].

In February [2015], we had the great fortune to work with Melissa Argenzio. She handled the videography for our niece’s wedding which my wife and I coordinated. We found her through the Columbia [Talent Pool] site.

Melissa returned our query call in a very short time, offered us a reasonable price, and traveled down from Wisconsin to meet with the bride and groom on a day in which it was snowing. She didn’t rush anything, took the time to answer all questions, and to ask important ones herself.

On the day of the wedding, she was prompt, efficient, caring, approachable, everything you could want in a videographer. By the time things were over I felt as if we had developed a new friend rather than having a simple client relationship.

We liked her so much we referred her to a friend, and she will be shooting their daughter’s wedding as well.

I highly recommend Melissa for any video project you may have. I am certain you will be satisfied. – Gil Peters, Self-Employed, Columbia College Chicago Class of ‘73

Gil contacted me through Columbia’s Talent Pool for his niece’s wedding that they wanted to be filmed. He was wonderful to work with and was great to talk to about his successful career. Columbia had prepared both of us for our careers and through talentpool we were able to network and work together. Columbia has so much to offer and it’s great to have a networking tool to connect you to successful alumni in the industry. – Melissa Argenzio, Film & Video Major, Columbia College Chicago Class of 2014

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