Alumnus Michael Fischer Creates Design Solutions for BucketFeet Inc.


As a graphic designer for BucketFeet I am responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact to a specific set of consumers. Solutions are resolved by listening to BucketFeet’s brand initiatives and understanding the company’s needs in order to devise appropriate visual strategies.

Said strategies are applied to a huge variety of products and activities, such as web designs, advertisements, catalogs, photography, POP, displays, product packaging, product design and brand collateral for marketing needs, product launches, brand collaborations and social media. All while maintaining an adequate management of more than one project at a time and allocating the relevant amount of time according to the value of the project and delegating work appropriately to a team of design and photo interns. – Michael Fischer, Graphic Designer, BucketFeet Inc., Art & Design Major, Columbia College Class of 2013

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