Hot Job: Studio Assistant with Victoria Eleanor Bradford studio and performance practice


The studio assistant will learn about site-based performance practices, managing intensive projects with multiple participants, documentation practices, archiving and record-keeping, working with presenters and curators, as well as basic approaches to how to maintain and administer an independent arts practice.

Specifically, the studio assistant will be on hand to assist with Victoria Eleanor Bradford’s fall season This includes Neighborhood Dances, an ongoing series of daily “micro dances” based in city and suburban neighborhoods, which treats dance like public sculpture or temporary graffiti. While rooted in the public realm of homes and sidewalks, Neighborhood Dances more importantly impacts the digital realm via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These social archives are interventions possessing the latency of the chase, a collaborative museum of the future composed of physical and digital engagement.

Victoria Eleanor Bradford is an American artist, choreographer and arts administrator, born in Louisiana and living in Chicago. Her current work involves a rigorous studio and performance practice under her company A House Unbuilt coupled with programmatic administration for Chicago Dancemakers Forum and the Graham Foundation.

She is invested in image-making, public performance, and text-based systems for movement. She creates improvisation projects that subtly intersect with social practice, and she collaborates with artists of all disciplines while bringing work to public sites, private homes, galleries, stages, and the internet.

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