Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Meet-n-Greet Sunday, July 19th


Attention Chicago Filmmakers!

The countdown to August 14th continues!

Registration continues for the 2015 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project

In preparation for this year’s Film Weekend (August 14th – 16th), we are hosting a ‘Meet-n-Greet’ on Sunday, July 19th at the Lincoln Tap Room  (3010 North Lincoln Avenue)



The ‘Meet-n-Greet’ is an informal way for filmmakers, team leaders, industry professionals and people looking to get involved in this year’s Film Project to network, exchange info and… of course… do a last round of weekend music and partying before the work week begins!

For more information about the 48 Hour Film Project or to Register Now for Chicago’s Film Weekend, please visit us at

Also, please note that if you’re an Actor, Musician, Editor or other Industry Professional interested in volunteering their services to one or several filmmaking teams this year, please visit our newly released Resource Database at and send us your info!