Dutch Royal Couple To Visit Chicago So We Dance – Masterclass & DJ Showcase in MILLENNIUM PARK June 2nd

I’m happy to share this cultural exchange event related to music and wanted to alert you all!

Tuesday, the 2nd of June, The School of House (TSOH), will host a music Masterclass and Showcase with leading Dutch and American DJs and dance professionals at the the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park.

TSOH is the new Dutch education platform for the Dance industry, which is a huge export for the Netherlands, and based on house music. TSOH is very proud to produce the event in Chicago, an honorable location, for the roots of House music trace back to early 80’s Chicago. The event is part of the Dutch trade mission to the US and Canada, led by the Royal Couple who will be in Chicago on June 2.

Among the Dutch participants are DJs Ryan Marciano & Sunnery James, DJ Roog, Duncan Stutterheim (Founder ID & T), Richard Zijlma (Founder
Amsterdam Dance Event), Attila Meijs (Corrino) and Jan-Maarten Hartong and Victor Coral van de Ven (both TSOH).

Chicago will be represented by Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Terry Hunter, Derrick
Carter, Ron Carroll, Super Jane (Lady D, DJ Heather & DJ Colette), Porn &
Chicken and Lucas King (React).

Start: 5pm local time

The Masterclass by The School of House is staged with selected speakers and video footage, followed by a panel discussion. The session consists of three successive topics: Legacy, Industry, Future. The first part, Legacy, is homage to the House that Chicago built, and an overview of what this sound has unleashed in the Netherlands. In the following part, Industry, the current state of affairs within the international Dance industry is covered. In the concluding part, Future, opportunities and possibilities for the Dutch in the US and vice versa are discussed. The Masterclass will be attended by selected guests from the Dance and creative industries, but can be followed live on a large screen for those interested.

Showtime: 7:30p to 9:30p

After the Masterclass it is time to party! DJs from the Netherlands and Chicago who were part of the panel session will perform together to celebrate the transatlantic unity. A part of the Pritzker Pavilion is reserved to invited guests, but the showcase is free and open to everyone who is up for a good time!


RSVP here: http://do312.com/schoolofhouse

We hope to see you the 2nd of June.


Jan Maarten Hartong,
The School of House


Darlene Jackson/DJ Lady D visiting Columbia College Chicago Creative Industry Liaison for music, music business, and audio arts students.