Perfect Strangers Moving to NY Seminar April 9, 2015


The starting rate to rent a studio in Manhattan is $2000 a month. In order to rent this apartment NYC landlords require that you make a salary of $80,000, have a credit score over 700 and would want to see at least $4000 in your bank account.

Most recent graduates do not meet any of those requirements which makes finding housing in NYC a nightmare. So how does one move to NYC making $35,000 a year, with no credit and no parental backings?

Come to the “Moving to NYC 101” seminar presented by NYC real estate expert, Sarah Beth Hill on April 9th at 12pm in the Cafe and 6pm at 623 S. Wabash, Room 311 to learn how to find an apartment like a true New Yorker. This seminar is designed to give students a crash course on the rental market in NYC and to prepare them for their upcoming move.

Register for this event HERE.