March 2015 Success Stories


“From Chicago to New York and back again,
I’m now unfolding a new chapter in my life.

I went to college, interned in New York, and now work with Jeff Sciortino
Thanks to all my advisors, mentors and pervious teachers.

Monday thru Friday I work along side Jeff,
And on the weekends I aim to create my own personal work.
I’m staying focused, keeping on track, and building my portfolio until
I return to New York again.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me!” – Studio Manager / Producer, Jeff Sciortino Photography, Photography Alumn

“The Summer Fellowship Program, the most notable student out-reach effort of IRTS, teaches up-and-coming communicators the realities of the business world through a fellowship, which includes practical experience and career-planning advice. Set in New York City the fellowship program is aimed at helping those involved define their career goals through experience and offers a lifelong group of support for a successful career path. Fellows explore the media world of New York City and are placed with a media company as an intern, to eventually stay working and living in New York City.” – Fellowship, International Radio and Television Society, Film & Video Student

Photographer, JohnsonRauhoff – Employer reported

It is hugely important to us to capture the jobs, performances,
exhibitions, publications, internships, awards, and other successes of
our Columbia College Chicago Community.

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