Interactive Arts + Media Portfolios

Interactive Arts + Media portfolios should be online. If you are looking for a platform to host your portfolio, we
have a lot of references for you. 

For Game Design students, show examples of your
illustrations, game concepts and designs. Interactive play on your portfolio will engage professionals and
demonstrate that you’re talented and good at what you do. Game programming will show off your technological skills in game
development and interactive experiences. Look at this sample from student Grant Snyder.

Interactive Arts and Media student portfolios should contain samples through the interfaces you created, sound design, mobile
applications and games. If your portfolio has audio (which it most likely will) make sure you provide a great set of headphones (not ear buds) so the professional can listen to your work.

Mobile Media Programming portfolios should include samples of everything in  the mobile realm. Show your work not only on your laptop, but on your tablet and smart phone. Come with multiple interfaces to show off our work.