Portfolio Day Application Deadline Extended to Midnight, March 23rd, 2015

You’re in luck! We’ve extended
the application deadline for Portfolio
to Midnight, March 23rd, 2015! Get your materials
together and apply! All seniors and graduate students are
eligible to attend and have work reviewed by creative industry professionals.

Application requirements

Attend a Portfolio
Day Info Session


Talent Pool profile

Business Card

Portfolio in progress* 


March 23      
Last Portfolio
Day Info Session

March 23     
 Application Deadline

April 3      
     Applicants notified of acceptance

Prep Dates

March 2 – 6     Portfolio Prep Week One

March 26      
 Graphic Design Day** (just added!)

April 6  – 10  
  Presenting Yourself Prep Week Two

April 6      
      Graphic Design Day** 

April 9      
      Walk-ins & Spot Checks***      

April 10      
    Graphic Design Day**

April 10      
    All print materials should be ordered

April 29      
    Complete portfolios

*Does not have to be your final
printed or published portfolio, but evidence that you will have a body of work
intended to share with professionals on Portfolio Day. Portfolio guidelines can
be found on the Portfolio Center’s website and blog.

**Business card type treatment
and layout only – no logo design.

***Feedback on your application
materials and your portfolio in progress

Register for a Portfolio Day Info Session.

Apply and find more info
at: colum.edu/portfolioday.