Community Media Participant Illustrator – The Illustrated Press 

The Illustrated Press is looking to hire a young illustrator and we need your help! We’ll be partnering with the Illinois Humanities Council and the Community Media Workshop for an upcoming project and we’ve got a slot open for a motivated young artist interested in illustration and media. Our ideal candidate will have a strong leaning toward art and news-writing with a passion for illustration.

This is both a paid and educational position. Our intern will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with professional journalists and illustrators to create a well-reported, engaging, relevant piece of illustrated journalism for “Reporting Back: New Perspectives from Communities.”

This will be an exciting learning experience with a highly visible final project. We’ll encourage our young artist to pursue a story thread that interests him or her, according to project guidelines. Our candidate will help to write, research, report, and illustrate the story, with the guidance of Illustrated Press mentors.

The Project: “The Illinois Humanities Council seeks an engaged Chicago resident for its upcoming project, Reporting Back: New Perspectives from Communities. As a member of a two-person media-citizen team, the community participant will collaborate closely with a media mentor to co-research, co-report and co-write an enterprise story broadly related to gun violence in Chicago and its representation in the media. Successful projects will highlight alternative or underrepresented perspectives on communities frequently associated with gun violence in Chicago, aiming to shift media narratives and improve the quality of discourse around the issue.

Projects may address topics including, but not limited to: reality vs. media representations of life in a violence-affected neighborhood; social, political and economic factors in gun violence not adequately analyzed in media; solutions-based community initiatives and their impact; or other topics according to team interests.”

More info on this HOT JOB HERE.