Internship Advice Part II

You may have noticed that we’re a little focused this month on resumes, cover letters,  & internships.  Last Wednesday we posted some excellent Internship advice from student Michelle Graven.   Today we’re featuring the wise words of marketing communication student Luke Crawford. 

Luke’s Helpful HInts:

Remember, you’re performing from the moment you send in your application/resume –  From your social media presents, to you cooperation on the job, you are performing and being analyzed as part of the team. Don’t tweet rude comments about your colleagues, arrive late to the job, or do the minimum amount of work to keep the internship.

Ask to do more, and prove your abilitiesIt never hurts to offer your assistance and back up your offering with your previous experience. You might be in the mail room, but if there is a corporate even on Saturday, and you don’t already have plans, offer to help!

If you’re passionate, show itShow your employer that you care. If you work hard and have a standard for work quality you are more likely to enjoy yourself and your employer will likely notice.

Use your internship as a networking opportunityYou and your colleague are both at work, and you both work at the same place. That’s two similarities already! Don’t be scared to get to know your colleagues and foster relationships with the people in the office. You never know when your new-found friendships/relationships will help you on your professional trajectory.

Thanks Luke!  Next Wednesday, we’ll hear from Jessica Kantak.  If you’re working on your resume now, be sure to visit our resume guide, tutorials, & additional info on the Portfolio Center site!