January 2014 Success Stories


cold weather didn’t put the chill on success stories. Below you will
see some of the success stories reported this January by students,
faculty, staff, and alumni.

Company Name – Success (Employment, internships, and more)

Creative Retail Packaging (CRP) – Designer

Cumulus Media – Account Executive

Cutters Studios – Assistant Editor

Entertainment Cruises Chicago – DJ

High Sierra, Inc. – Graphic Designer

Ink Factory – Intern

Inside Sales Account Executive – TransNational Bankcard

International Streaming Festival of Audio Visual Art – Performance

JET – Graphic Design Intern

Learning Bar – Logo Designer

Lyric Opera – Artistic Operation Intern

New York Times Magazine 12-20-14 – Had photo published

Peace Corps – Community Educator

Propeller Fund – Grant Recipient

SignatureForum – Web & Graphic Designer

Superfly – Graphic Designer

Total Traffic Network – Traffic Producer

Undercover Solutions, LLC – Freelance Animation Video Project

It is hugely important to us to capture the jobs, performances,
exhibitions, publications, internships, awards, and other successes of
our Columbia College Chicago Community.

Have a success story to share? Let us know HERE.