Monday’s with Maddie Returns

Well well well, here we are. Some of us for the first time, some of us for the last, and some of us at that little in-between. Just getting past Syllabus Week and already remembering that one chapter we were supposed to read but accidentally forgot, and now we find ourselves nose diving into books and projects, drowning in the cheapest Pumpkin Latte we can find.

Welcome back, Columbia. I’ve missed you.Whether it has fully hit you or not, it’s true. School is back in session. And now that I’ve reached my final year, I’ve realized something. All of the time spent complaining about school starting up again was just a farce. I love my classes, and I love working here at the Portfolio Center, and I have even come to love early mornings.

We start the year with some new beginnings. A new President with a visible warmth and passion for the school, some changes and collaborations throughout majors, beautiful new layouts in the 623 building and brand new students.

To the new students, good job. You’ve picked an inspirational place filled with resources at every turn. Just remember that this place is what you make it. Don’t hold it off. Soak it all in. Make those appointments with your College Advisor, come to the Portfolio Center and chat about your future. Believe me, it’s worth it.

The weather is also changing. Our nights are getting colder and the leaves are slowly burning into their Autumn oranges and reds. With this change can come some Vacation Lamentation. Maybe you didn’t do all that you said you would. Maybe you think you worked too much. Maybe it didn’t reach your expectations.

I spent a month and a half Italy this summer studying abroad, and even I feel that way about it. I was so fortunate to have spent my time there, that I worried I wasn’t doing it right. However, I look back now and find so much to draw from, to be inspired by, to fuel myself in everything that I do. Being in a new space challenged my art, gave me new perspective, budded new ideas, and also introduced me to amazing coffee that I might not have ever found otherwise.

So a challenge for you, fellow Columbia Cats. Hop on the train with no set destination, ride it for as long as you feel like and then get off and follow your feet. Walk for five minutes, stop, and begin creating something, anything, for five minutes. Then walk for another five minutes. Stop. Create for five minutes. And then walk again. This was a method I used in Italy that got me some of my best work. Once you’ve got something you love, share it with us! Tag us on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter with #CCCPortfolioCenter and show off your work!

Until next time, best of luck!