The Scoop on Industry Events so Far

Now that a few of the 2013 Industry Events are behind us, we’d like to take a minute to show off some photos and offer pointers.

Moving Pictures last night brought together Chicago film industry professionals with graduating students. We showed off students’ reels, heard keynote speaker Navid McIlhargey’s advice on navigating the industry, and witnessed many professional relationships beginning. To add to the tips we shared earlier this week, we have a few more pointers for making an impression based on what we saw last night:

  • Practice that handshake. How you shake hands says a lot about you as a professional, so practice a firm-but-not-crushing handshake.
  • Travel light. Most of our events don’t have much space for depositing large bags and coats, and baggage can make it hard to navigate the room. Stash your things somewhere before you arrive if at all possible.
  • Don’t come for dinner. Yes, most events have food, and yes, we hope you eat it. But heads up that the bruschetta is garlicy, and it has a tendency to drop on your shirt. So try to network first – eat on your way out.
  • Follow up. Keep contacts going if you can- too many professionals report back that they never hear from you. Grab business cards and follow up the next day. Thanking professionals for coming helps us get them back next year. Asking them for additional feedback on your resume and portfolio helps you build a lasting connection. Win/win.

And most importantly:
It’s easier than it looks. Professionals arrive excited to meet young talent and help you launch you careers. If you approach them with professionalism, positivity, and curiosity, they can’t help but love you.

Check out photos from our Music Industry Event on 4/9, Fine Arts Open Studios on 4/18, and Moving Pictures last night.