Young Authors Finalists

We’re excited to announce our top ten finalists in each of the categories of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. We saw amazing quality in so many of the submissions this year, and are blown away by all the talent. Congratulations are due to our finalists, but also to all the writers who submitted to this contest. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Our finalist judges are Patricia McNair (fiction), CM Burroughs (poetry), and T Clutch Fleischmann (nonfiction). We’ll have the first, second, and third place winners selected soon.

Thanks again, and happy writing!

Riley Grace Borden – “One Girl”
Emma Camp – “Eulogy for Lady Murasaki”
Rachel Fitzsimmons – in Shook by Shakespeare, “To Be Me”
Farah Ghafoor – “Home, Oven”
Katy Hargett – “I Apply for Disability in the Year of the Boar”
Kara Jackson – “Canada Dry as means for stopping black on black crime”
Masfi Khan – “Heirloom”
Heather Yenna Kim – “Every Place Is Empty Until We Leave It”
Katy Kim – “Late Note”
Anushka Shah – “Shoes”
Emma Becker – “The Man in the Suit”
Leah Chase – “Dirt Children”
Michelle Chen – “The Semester of Fading”
Grace Coberly – “The Collected Drafts”
Seth Gozar – “Chacha’s Pamilya”
Jacqueline He – “House of God”
Mina Kim – “Something New”
Ella Lerner – “Magic” 
Carrie Li – “Wings of Men”
Mia Nelson – “Island Girls”  
Chastity Hale – “After Green Meadows”
Kathryn Hargett – “Misfire”
Jacqueline He – “Snapshot”
Joonho Jo – “a blind model”
Audrey Lee – “Soft Stuff”
Rachel Litchman – “Reflections on Trauma Over an X-Axis”
Maria Perilla – “Alien Writer, American Dream” 
Safa Saleh – “Names” 
Sahara Sidi – “Blessings”
Alisha Yi – “Evolution of a Case Study”