Project “22”

Project “22”

I have some very exciting news I’d love to share for this blog! Over the winter break I signed a distribution deal with I Swim With Sharks Inc., a company currently working with Sony and Roc Nation. Ironically, one of the CEO’s came across my music a few years back, and when my account resurfaced this year he said he felt like he had to meet me. So about three months ago, I had a meeting with him, where he asked me, “What do you really want with your music career?” At first I thought I knew the answer, but it took me two weeks to say with 100% confidence that I wanted to give my 100% toward my singing career.

He told me to have a project ready for him the next time he came back to Chicago, two weeks away. So in two weeks I wrote, recorded, and mixed six songs. I was still finishing up the semester at the time, so I was working all night and day. I was beyond excited to see his face when I was able to actually show him the project and see his excitement.

From there, I signed a 2-year distribution and co-management deal. He has put me in contact with some incredible producers, DJs, A&Rs, and other industry executives that have helped me edit and finish the master on my project. We are just finishing up the paperwork and will hopefully have a release date for early March! 

I am naming the project “22,” because it represents me as a 22-year-old and everything that happened to me in 2022. The lyrical content covers everything from coming out of a toxic relationship to moving on, graduating from undergrad, and more. I produced all the tracks and recorded myself in my home studio. Ty Madeit helped with the post production and now his team is doing the final master for me. As you listen to the project from top to bottom it tells a story. Some other songs on the project are “Thought I Needed You,” “Move On,” “It Ain’t Natural,” and “Toxicity.”

I have only been recording myself and making music for about three years now, and I never saw the possibility it could be an actual career for me until now. As I am finishing up my Masters of Entrepreneurship and working my other jobs, life seems very busy. But I have never felt more inspired and motivated to reach something!

During this time, I’ve realized how important it is to stay true to yourself as you develop your career. Everyone will have opinions on what you should do, what you should wear, how you should mix your work, etc. It is important to listen and take advice, while also remembering your passion and why you are doing what you are doing. In the end, you are the only one that knows what keeps you happy, motivated and inspired.