Not Enough Time In The Day?!

Not Enough Time In The Day?!

Today I was writing down my schedule for next week, and it hit me: graduate school, social events, and my five jobs are draining me! I asked myself how could I possibly balance all of this while still take care of myself. As a new graduate student, recently done with undergrad, I feel so much pressure to be stable and ready for life, and sometimes those expectations hold me back from my true creative potential. Sometimes they don’t allow me to embrace the fact that life is crazy, and that it is okay if I am still figuring it out. I need to realize that there is a way to balance my work, school, and social life, to be successful instead of burnt out.

In today’s world we are constantly moving, scheduling social events, going out with friends, working, and getting our homework done a minute before it’s due. Someone told me the other week that I am doing too much. This made me think, “But I have so much to do, how can I get it all done?!” Then I realized they were right, and I started to really analyze my habits and ask some mindful questions. 

The first thing to do is learning the life of your social battery. How many events a week is too much? How many can you still enjoy while still being fully present and having the energy to do everything else you need to get done? Scheduling less might give you more! I know this sounds challenging, because we are all trying to go out and see the city, to live it up while we are still in school. However, since I started to learn my limits, the times I do go out have been so much more enjoyable, lifting my energy instead of bringing it down.

Secondly, how much time are you scheduling to just simply be, to be present with yourself? For me this means taking a bath, journaling, cooking my favorite meal, or watching an episode of my favorite show. If you think you are someone that does too much of this, then how can you balance it? For me, I always make time on Sundays to do some of these things and recharge before the start of the next week. When is that time for you and what does it look like?

Thirdly, do you have specific days and times set out to get that homework done? Is it taking longer than it should because you get distracted on your phone every time a Snapchat notification goes off? I try to set aside 30-45 minute time blocks and turn off my phone, or put it in an unreachable spot and work. You will be surprised how much more efficient this studying process will be. You will be getting more done in less time, and you will feel like you are doing less and getting out more. 

Now, this all might be easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try. Get that planner out, set those timers, charge your social battery, and save your energy.