Entrepreneurship for Creatives – How My Business Venture Has Progressed & What I Have to Still Learn…

Entrepreneurship for Creatives – How My Business Venture Has Progressed & What I Have to Still Learn…

One of the first elements that I learned during my courses is to specify my product line and the consumers I am targeting. When I first began brainstorming products for Amaiya’s Atelier I focused primarily on being a subscription service for upcoming stylists and connecting them with new clients. While this is still a large part of my goal and bigger business plan for Amaiya’s Atelier I realized that I needed to focus first on how I can establish myself as a stylist and curate my customer base to then later connect with other stylists. This step alone was so important and a shift I did not know I was making until I was working on my final project in one of my courses in which we had to outline every detail of our product lineup.

You may be wondering what pushed me to launch my brand while I was still taking courses to iron out all the details? Well, during winter break someone reached out to me to style them for an interview, and they asked if I had a booking site. I immediately realized that I did not, and had to quickly text them my product line and a rough estimate of my services. So at the top of the new year, January 1st, actually I took what I had learned so far and started to apply for all the legal documents I had learned about in my Law for Creatives Industry course, and within two weeks the minimum viable product of Amaiya’s Atelier was born!

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A minimum viable product is exactly what it sounds like – the most basic form of your business or product that an entrepreneur takes to the market or industry to gain feedback, initial business, and further understanding of the buying habits of their consumers. As a perfectionist, I struggled with even imagining launching something that was not what I had fully envisioned it to be. However, it honestly was not until I was writing this blog post that I realized all the elements, ideas, and other products that I want to add to my brand are perfectly normal and will come at various stages as I grow as an entrepreneur. There are parts of me that want to launch everything now and other parts that are concerned about how they will be received and if my business model is indeed a necessity to consumers. My current course, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, constantly discusses the importance of listening to your target audience and using their voice to power your business decisions. With this in mind, I would love to hear from the lovely readers on their opinions of the next ideas I have for Amaiya’s Atelier! I kindly ask for a few minutes of your time to take this brief survey.

While this is only the beginning for Amaiya’s Atelier I am very excited for the future of my business and have quickly realized the work and worth that comes with establishing your own company. If you have been contemplating launching your busy for even a day I suggest you do it, you will never be 100% confident, there will always be doubt, and you will always think you are not ready, but I am here to tell you that even if that is true the remember to give yourself grace and simply go for it.