What’s new, Year 2?

What’s new, Year 2?

Hey all! The best cohort around is back, back, back again! 

A new school year mood: Drag Race gifs for every occasion!

We are in full swing of school already and OOOOOOF. I forgot about the general grind of school: classes back to back, trying to keep group projects sorted out in my mind, packing enough snacks to quell the hunger monster that tends to hit in the middle of class. Even so, there is definitely some excitement around here. I am loving hearing about all of the amazing things people did over the summer and meeting the new first year cohort. I’m reminded that I am surrounded with some pretty brilliant folx and we are all super lucky to get to learn from one another. 

On that topic, I want to pass the mic to three of my genius classmates/friends. Nia, Cara, and Crissy have some thoughts regarding “what they wish they knew at the beginning of their first year”. 

(Front to back) Crissy, Nia, and Cara taking a break from their work to cheese for the camera.

Nia’s sage advice: 

  • Make your degree work for you. You won’t get hand-fed every connection, so ask questions.
  • Get into internships now.
  • Always share your story, you never know who’s listening and who could provide you with an opportunity.
  • Tap into the resources your tuition is providing for you: free headshots, business card creation, etc.

Cara’s words of wisdom:

  • It’s ok if you have multiple passions you would like to pursue. That is the great thing about this program: you will have the chance to experience many different opportunities in the creative business world.
  • Don’t worry, your cohort turns into family.

Crissy’s much needed reminders:

  • Your cohort can be one of your strongest resources throughout your time in the program. They can be a place to digest your thoughts, work through an assignment, and become an important networking tool in the future. Grab that drink or cup of coffee after class and get to know each other.
  • This experience can easily be individualized to fit your learning needs and career goals. You can earn credits outside of the classroom through internships or independent studies having to do with your interests (as Nia said—get on that early to sort through the application, interview, and school approval process), or you can study abroad. It all goes towards your degree.
  • Don’t be afraid to do the thing while you are in school. Columbia’s classes and faculty are the perfect jumping off point for your entrepreneurial venture or post-grad plans. Bring what you already have to the table, or start with a fresh idea, and use CCC to create, market, and distribute that thing in the real world!

Until next time!