Take a Break and Take a Breath

Take a Break and Take a Breath

This semester, my classes don’t take as much time as they did in the first two semesters. But I still end up going home late every night. Why? Read more to find out!

Me and a couple more people from the Cinema Directing and Creative Producing departments are organizing a festival called PAKIndia Film Series. This is a free, non-profit event organized by students. Urwa Zubair, who is also my producer for our thesis film, is leading this event. There are going to be 11 films, including documentaries, shorts, and feature films from India and Pakistan. We have been working really hard for this. We went to local restaurants, Indian and Pakistani communities, reached out to different universities, and more. We are hoping that there will be people who will join us at our festival! As an international student, organizing this event has given me different perspectives on film, plus it encouraged me to talk to people and tell them about something that we are making. Since pitching is a big part of the industry, I now feel braver to talk to people and tell them about our event.

The poster of PAKIndia Film Series.


Program schedules of PAKIndia Film Series.

Besides organizing the PAKIndia Film Series, my brother came to Chicago to visit me. Apparently, at Swarthmore College, they have a fall break for a week and he wanted to spend that week with me in cold Chicago. Although the weather is always a challenge, he loves this city more and more every time visits me. In fact, he even applied for a job in Chicago! Who knows, maybe he will be here and I won’t! I’m hoping to move to LA for even a short period of time; I would like to try it out there. I still don’t know where I’m going to be after graduation— hopefully somewhere I’m happy!

Me, my brother, and Willis Tower. (I’m the shortest one)

Besides all these things, I got to meet with a lot of Turkish people in Chicago. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I volunteered to be the photographer and videographer of the 15th Annual Turkish Festival in Chicago. Through that festival, I got to know more and more Turks in Chicago, which has helped me a lot. I have realized the importance of the culture in my life after a year of not knowing any Turkish people in Chicago.

A photo from the Republic Day Ball for the 95th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

I think it is psychologically helpful to have relations with people from your own culture because they are the people that share the most in common with you. Being able to speak in your own language is also nice. This year, I’m so glad to have found these amazing people. Sometimes it is necessary to have activities outside of school. Even if it is just going to a gym or any other small activity, I think it keeps you healthy. Since filmmaking and film school itself is a stressful place, it’s best to have reasons to escape from that world and take a breath to get back to it soon with even more passion.